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Different fabrics to choose from

Miffy themed fabric

The Lion King

The Little Mermaid fabric

The Little Mermaid

What material are the masks made from?

The materials used are a mix of cotton and polycotton. The Navy fabrics are polycotton. All other fabrics like the Avocado, Geometric, Flowers are 100% cotton. As for the plain black, these are a mix of both, cotton and polycotton.


I can make kids sizes if you need, please message me and we'll arrange. The same for larger models or bigger elastic ear straps, just let me know.

How to wash? Machine wash at 40°, re-shape them while damp and dry flat. You can iron the fabric (usually on the 'wool' setting) but don't iron the elastic ear straps. If you have any issues let me know.

Please note: these masks are not of any medical grade, and it is not known to prevent or cure any illness or disease. Bear this in mind when purchasing. As you know, wash your hands well before putting the mask on and after removing it.

For hygienic reasons and due to the nature of these products I cannot accept any returns - please message me if there are any issues, surely we can work on a solution together. Thank you!

About the Face Pads

Reusable, Washable, Eco-Friendly Face Pads

There are two options for the face pads: a 100% cotton flannel option and a 100% organic bamboo option. The fancy material on the other side is a mix of cotton and polycotton - you can choose your pattern. They are handmade with one layer of the chosen option (flannel or bamboo) and the pattern of your choice. Yes these fabrics are the same I used in the facemasks.

The flannel option feels a bit more rougher on the skin - more like an exfoliating sensation. This all depends on how hard you pressure the pad against your skin.

The bamboo option is more smooth on the skin - again, this all depends on how hard you pressure the pad against your skin.

The pads are square shaped and measure approximately 11,5cm x 10,5cm or 4.5inch x 4inch. These measurements can vary very slightly because that's what happens with fabric material.

I added a tag with simple caring instructions, which I recommend here: wash them at 40° max in the washing machine, and use the tag to hang them to dry, I don't recommend drying them in the drying machine. Don't iron them.

My personal recommendation on how to use the pads: You can use them as part of your facial care routine. To remove makeup, simply wash your face, tone and moisturise. I usually remove my makeup with the pads in the shower, with water only - please note: this is my personal preference, doesn't mean it is the correct or the best for everyone - products can be applied directly to the pad or face and wiped away. Personally I do circular motions or a gentle drag movement.

Packed and Posted: I decided to sell them in packs of 4 / 6 / 8 pads (let me know if you need more options) packed in a plastic pouch - I know plastic is not eco-friendly but this is the best option I found for cost conscious, hygienic and also delivery purposes. If you don't want the plastic pouch please let me know, I will find another option, no worries!

Also, I didn't think a fabric pouch would be a good idea to pack the pads into, this is simply based on feedback I gathered. Most people don't use them. If you would like a pouch to carry them I'm happy to make one for you at an extra cost.

Please note: I only have reviews on the pads from my family, friends and my own.

This is what I gathered from the reviews: both options, bamboo and flannel, are  smooth on the skin, they are ideal to remove makeup, exfoliate, tone, simply wash and moisturise your skin. They are easy to use with just water or with products. The flannel option feels a bit more rougher than the bamboo one. You can use micellar water, creams, mostly anything you may apply to your face with the pads.

Important note: I am not a specialist in skin or skincare or fabric materials - all of the above statements are from personal experience and reviews from people who used the pads. If you have any issues using these please let me know. 

Thank You!